MDR K-12 Market Research Surveys U.S. Curriculum Directors on Educational Materials Trends in the Face of Rapid Technology Acceleration

A key feature of the State of the K-12 Market Reports is an emphasis on practical and actionable suggestions for publishers and other providers of products and services for the education industry.

August 10, 2017, Shelton, CT — MDR just released its third research report for the State of the K-12 Market 2016-2017 series. The report, Educational Materials Trendsclosely examines shifts in U.S. K-12 instructional priorities and initiatives in light of rapid technology acceleration and advancements to address these emerging trends:

  • transition to more digital instructional and curricular materials,
  • innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning anywhere and anytime, and
  • the growing proliferation of computing devices preferred by students.

Based on a national survey of U.S. district curriculum directors, the 127-page report, by Dr. Rita Oates, President of Oates Associates, and MDR’s EdNET Insight research team, offers practical and competitive advice for vendors and suppliers who sell products, services, and consumer goods to U.S. schools and educators.

In the survey research, over 60% of curriculum directors said they wanted more evidence of product efficacy. Nearly as many said they are looking for digital instructional materials that are compatible with multiple computing devices.

Other clear trends indicate that educators want:

  • products that support differentiated and personalized learning requirements,
  • rigorous evaluation criteria before purchasing digital content,
  • content that is deeply aligned with state and local standards, and
  • systems to monitor and document student progress and accountability.

Anne Wujcik, Education Research Analyst for MDR says, “This year, educators are embracing the exciting, but challenging, job of transforming classroom instruction through available technology devices and digital resources. Districts are experimenting with a wide range of instructional methods. Teachers are prioritizing STEM-enhanced learning. Career and technical education is coming front and center with more project-based learning experiences for students.”

This report also shines a spotlight on:

  • research findings detailing descriptive data on districts’ instructional budgets and purchasing plans,
  • online and blended learning courses,
  • discussions on assessment needs (both formative and summative), and
  • the emerging STEM/STEAM market.

Each chapter concludes with analyses and commentary on developments influencing the educational materials market, and specific findings with implications for school vendors, organizations and consumer businesses in the education marketplace.

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