MDR Maps New Vision and Go-to-Market Strategy for Connecting Enterprises to the Education Community

May 13, 2019, Shelton, CT – MDR is investing in improving its technology infrastructure and re-envisioning services and products to ensure that we continue to be the premier partner for organizations that want to reach and engage educators. In addition, we are modifying our customer support and go-to-market structure to best meet the evolving needs of organizations serving schools.

Based on client feedback and industry trends, we recently added a dedicated customer experience team and a client account team to increase an already high level of focus on our customers. In addition, we are embracing an account-based, go-to-market strategy that many of today’s forward-thinking companies use to provide offers and solutions that best meet their clients’ individual needs. These changes will allow MDR to work with clients in new ways to connect with the education community more efficiently.

MDR General Manager Steve Palm said, “Looking forward, I believe we have a shared purpose to lead the knowledge industry, embrace MDR’s potential, and support the growth of our customers through constant improvements to our products, services, processes, capabilities and infrastructure, which will provide us with greater flexibility to build a competitive edge in our go-to-market plan.”

MDR is kicking off the celebration of its golden anniversary by unveiling a new corporate vision to map the path to the next 50 years of connecting enterprises to the education community, accelerating commerce, communication, and school success.

New Vision Statement

“Excite customers with world class, actionable intelligence, tools, and solutions enabling them to move the needle with unmatched speed, accuracy and confidence.”

This vision reflects MDR’s new go-to-market strategy and operating model that align with the goal of our parent company, Dun & Bradstreet: “To change for the better, for good.”

For the past 50 years, marketers, non-profits, consumer brands, and corporate foundations have turned to MDR for our superior expertise in developing marketing campaigns to engage with teachers, parents and students. We have constantly evolved our strategies and approaches to meet the changing needs of the industry and are now on the path to accelerating that change to help clients’ programs at even higher rates.

Continue to follow us for our latest news releases, and check out our Product and Technology Roadmap with new and improved products, tools, and services for you to reach and engage educators.