October 10, 20022

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian caused significant damage across Florida and the Carolinas.

  • USPS has limited service or suspended delivery to 1,057 ZIP codes and 37 SCFs at this time.
  • We've identified 5,437 institutions in the affected ZIP codes to help you determine how best to modify your marketing programs.

We will continue to monitor the United States Postal Service and State Department of Education websites so that we can be sensitive and responsive to the situation in the region.

We have prepared a file of affected ZIP codes to help you determine how best to modify your mail campaigns and other marketing programs. Click here to download this file.

We understand that you may wish to reach the school community right now—social media is a great way to connect. Many schools, districts, and community members will share on social media their greatest areas of need and what people can do to help. It’s not just who you reach, it’s how and where you reach them.

We'd like to encourage marketers to be aware and thoughtful of the challenges of these areas, and encourage them to consider the needs of these areas as they think about their philanthropic and charitable giving.

Your MDR Representative can help you make the best decisions about timing of any messages as well as your email or direct mailings. You can reach us at 800-333-8802 or email us at mdrinfo@dnb.com.