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23 Best Practices for Education Marketing in 2023

It can be difficult to nail down exactly how to reach educators online. Are teachers spending more time on Facebook or Instagram? Why aren’t they opening my emails? How do I reach them through search?

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At WeAreTeachers and MDR, we reach millions of educators every month through the WeAreTeachers website, email and on our social media channels. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things about educators and what they want and need from companies that support teachers and students.

Our expert education content and marketing team reviewed hundreds of campaigns from 2022 and analyzed the top performing content across all channels. We analyzed what works and ditched what doesn’t and put together 23 best practices you can start implementing into your marketing strategy today.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • How to use user generated content in a meaningful way
  • How to talk to educators post-pandemic
  • The video format you should always be filming in
  • How to reach teachers on Facebook—where 64% of teachers visit every day
  • The balance between gated and ungated content
  • How to optimize for voice search
  • The key to adding video and polls to your emails
  • How to use Instagram as a serious traffic driver
  • And more!

Download the report by providing a little information below. Read up on all 23 best practices and you’ll walk away with easy ideas that your team can put into place right away. 

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