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Multiple Student Devices: Challenges Facing Providers

EdNET Insight Report

Multiple Student Devices Report

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This EdNET Insight report is intended to help providers better understand the current state of devices in use in U.S. classrooms and to use this information as a foundation for thinking about possible future directions. Perspectives from district technology directors and other educators are included, along with advice from industry leaders who have experience in developing and marketing products that are being successfully used in various settings.

The primary goal of this report is to assemble practical advice and assistance for companies facing the challenges—and opportunities—of operating in the midst of multiple digital devices.

The main focus of this report is to:

  • Give a description of market size and trends
  • Provide insight on some of the key issues being discussed by K-12 administrators (including IT staff) and teachers, as well as executives from a variety of companies that develop and market educational resources
  • Offer actionable and practical recommendations of how K-12 educational content providers, publishers, and others who work with schools and school districts can plan for multiple student devices and related benefits and opportunities
  • Share perspectives from different companies on how they have addressed this shift in the market

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