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Teachers As Consumers: What America's Teachers Buy, Think, and Care About

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What, when, and how do America's teachers consume? That's what this year's Teachers as Consumers report aims to answer.

Based on data from Simmons Research's Fall 2016 National Consumer Survey, this report provides a holistic view of teachers' buying habits, attitudes, and preferences. It compares teachers' consumption habits to those of the general population, identifying crucial contrasts and market opportunities.

Topics in this report include:

  • The demographic profile of America's teachers
  • When and how teachers use today's technologies
  • Which banking, investment, and insurance products teachers use
  • Where and how often teachers travel, as well as what they do on vacation
  • Which leisure and fitness activities teachers engage in
  • Where teachers shop, what they purchase, and where they eat out
  • Which magazines, newspapers, and websites teachers read
  • Which sources of information teachers trust the most

Reaching educators requires data. Our comprehensive report contains information that's useful for marketers and business leaders who want to better understand what teachers truly need.

Don't just take our word for it! As mentioned in the Huffington Post article, Why Marketing to Educators May Be the Best Decision You Ever Make, “educators are the ideal audience for your marketing efforts."

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We not only help you define the right educators to connect with, like we've done with our Teachers as Consumers report, but how best to reach and engage them through all the right channels. From strategy and planning, to building lists and executing high-impact creative campaigns, to ROI analysis, MDR is the fuel for your marketing engine.