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The Impact of Learning Spaces on Student Success

MDR Insights: State of the K-12 Market 2018

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The Impact of Learning Spaces on Student Success is the third of four publications that make up the State of the K-12 Market Report 2018 series.

Based on a market research study conducted in the summer of 2018 by MDR in partnership with the EDmarket Association, with feedback from over 1,600 teachers, 94% of the respondents indicated that space indeed impacts learning.  Themes that evolved from the survey results that are presented include the desire for flexible and collaborative spaces, the importance of technology integration, and intentionally-designed modern classrooms.

This report provides a high-level look at related issues like 21st century learning, classroom seating, and individual learning styles. Each chapter offers key takeaways providing valuable insights for organizations engaging with schools.

Curriculum developers, school furniture providers, technology and device developers, as well as related industry professionals who work to improve school environments can use this report to better design and plan their relationships with schools and educators.

In partnership with:
EDmarket Association