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MDR’s Sales Tools gives you first access to the opportunities and contacts that will help you find and close more sales, whether your sales structure depends on inside telesales, field sales, key account strategies, or a mix of these.

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In a market this dynamic, you need tools that keep up. MDR helps you size the market and target prospects effectively, connecting you with the right opportunities for your business. Empower your sales team with MDR’s data-driven sales tools that help them:

  • Identify the best targets
  • Create a focused outreach plan
  • Refine the reasons to call
  • Connect directly with prospects

Instantly Move From Idea to Action

Spend your time profitably when you use up-to-date education data to have relevant conversations with your customers and prospects.

  • Get alerts to changes in leadership, new schools, grants, and more delivered directly to your inbox from Education MarketView.
  • Exclusive Index Data sets help you zero in on schools based on their innovation, connectivity, affluence, and more. Tailor your pitch to demonstrate how your product or service can enhance the school environment.
  • If your business is focused on student performance, MDR has you covered. Our school and student performance data helps focus your message on topics such as ESSA, advanced placement, college-bound students, and more.

Make a Direct Connection

Education MarketView gives you a holistic view of the education market from district and school data to funding and bid information. MarketView also provides district, teacher, and school personnel names and emails. With just two clicks you can email a prospect and make a connection.