Updated: May 15, 2020

As of May 15, 2020, we have captured school building closures in all states. At this time, we are actively monitoring school status and will begin documenting school building openings as that data becomes available.

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the U.S., more education institutions are closing for a variety of reasons to help contain the outbreak. To help you determine how best to modify your mail campaigns and other marketing programs we have prepared a file of affected K-12 institutions. Click here to download this file, a password is required to open. The file includes:

  • MDR PID number
  • Institution name*
  • State
  • ZIP
  • District Name and PID where applicable
  • Dates closed
  • Status (closed, reopen, closing)

Don’t have a password? Contact your sales rep or email us at mdrinfo@dnb.comcreate new email and we will provide it to you.

In researching Higher Education sites to identify those that have closed we have found that most, if not all, have opted to close campuses for student classes, and instead offer classes online. At this time we do not have a list to share, but as this virus passes and students return to campus, we will investigate the possibility of providing a list of re-opened schools. In most cases, it appears that faculty are still working to support the online course work. So email should still be an effective means of communication in the Higher Ed market.

As information becomes available, we will update this page with what we learn about additional closures.

We understand that you may wish to reach teachers in the affected areas to provide support to them personally or to their schools. We can help you reach them online or through social media where they may turn for help and resources. Your MDR Representative can help you make the best decisions about timing of any messages as well as your email or direct mailings.

You can reach us at (800) 333-8802 or email us at mdrinfo@dnb.comcreate new email.

*Sources: Local news, district and school websites, edweek.org. As these organizations report, their status will be updated.