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Teachers As Consumers: Background, Interests, Buying Patterns, and Media Uses

There are 7+ million educators in the U.S. This report tells you what you need to know to make these ideal consumers your next customers.

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MDR teamed with Simmons Market Research to take a deep dive into teachers’ lives as consumers. This report, Teachers as Consumers: Background, Interests, Buying Patterns, and Media Uses, delivers valuable insights that marketers can use to identify target audiences, focus outreach strategies, and select the most effective channels to engage teachers. For example:

  • Educators love listening to music, dining out, reading books, going to the beach or lake, playing card games, visiting museums, and cooking for fun.
  • Teachers engage in online activities considerably more than the general population—and for almost everything that can be done on the Internet—email, banking, shopping, using social network sites, and so forth.
  • In response to emails sent from a retailer or business, teachers are more willing than the general population to actually make a purchase—both online and offline.

We know you know the importance of this data and reaching educators, but if you need further convincing, check out the recent Huffington Post article, Why Marketing to Educators May Be the Best Decision You Ever Make, which stated “…educators are the ideal audience for your marketing efforts…”

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