opens in a new windowWeAreTeachers publishes daily articles, giveaways, and videos, all with the goal of helping teachers and students succeed in the classroom and beyond. We have a variety of sponsor offerings and content programs that help you establish thought leadership, generate traffic and leads, increase engagement, and grow your own online or social presence.

Below is a sampling of some of our most popular offerings. We tailor all of our partner programs to meet your needs and goals.

Sponsored Articles

Reach WeAreTeachers readers with a custom sponsored article that will drive page views for your brand. Includes targeted email and social promotion, integrated links, and opportunities for exclusive calls to action on the page that will drive interest.

Sponsored Giveaways

Generate leads with an attention-getting prize package that will showcase your products and build your email list for future promotions. Includes email and social promotion with custom branding. Confirmation email and landing page will drive entrants directly to your site or a special offer.

Sponsored Classroom Posters & Printables

Generate leads and get your brand in front of teachers and students with mini-posters, bookmarks, fun learning worksheets, seasonal cards, screensavers, desktop backgrounds, foldable books, checklists, admin one-sheeters, and more. Email and social promotion are included.

Influencer Content Partnerships

Leverage the WeAreTeachers Influencer Network to increase social community size, drive traffic, and elevate your message. We will identify the best influencers for your program and work directly with them to create custom content about your initiative by tapping into their engaged, loyal audience to drive traffic and raise awareness.

Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities in our Media Kit

MDR Media Kit