Based on our decades in the education market, we know best how to reach educators with targeted messaging that meets their circumstances, challenges, and needs. We also know why brands should reach them—they’re head of the class as consumers, involved in purchasing decisions, and influencers of their friends and their communities. With more than seven million educators in the United States, this is a market not to be overlooked.

Educators Are Consumers

Did you know that educators are at the head of the class as consumers? In their demographics, values, spending habits, and interests, educators are a better audience than the general population for consumer-focused brands. And as consumers, educators influence both their friends and communities, providing advice on products and services and sharing their opinions on social media.

Educators Are Professionals

Did you know that all educators—from district supervisors to teachers—are involved in the purchase of instructional materials, technology, textbooks and supplemental products, school supplies, digital resources, assessment tools, and professional development/training programs?

Educators Are Influencers

Did you know that educators are uniquely positioned to engage youth, change behavior, champion a cause, build awareness, and inspire families and communities?