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Connect with your ideal audience online

Traditionally marketers have identified their audiences based on site visits, browsing behaviors, and keyword searches. Improve the precision and ROI of your digital campaigns when you stop guessing about your audiences and start using reliable and verified data. MDR’s exclusive digital advertising solutions offer a unique advantage—we only serve your ads to known educators, guaranteed.

Reach Educators, Guaranteed

Only MDR can ensure that you are serving the right ads to the right audiences based on our unique ability to serve your banners to known educators as they surf the web, improving your campaign ROI.

  • Rich Online Experiences – Provide consistent messaging to your target audience on the websites they visit and the apps they use, whether they are on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Real-Time Optimization – Your ad runs on a best-in-class ad platform that provides information on the campaign’s performance and the campaign is refined accordingly while still in progress.
  • Ongoing Reports – You receive up-to-the-minute reports throughout your campaign so you can review your ad’s performance and see firsthand how the optimization process unfolds.
  • Brand Security – Your brand safety is just as important to MDR as it is to you. Ads always run on trusted sites and never next to inappropriate content. You can provide inclusion or exclusion lists for your campaign as well.
  • Easy Integration – MDR’s Targeted Educator Web Advertising solution can be integrated with existing web ad programs by utilizing third-party tracking tags or even third-party ad serving. Customers simply identify the target audience and the specifics of campaign delivery, and MDR does the rest.

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