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Case Studies

Customer Success Story: Renaissance Collaborates with MDR to Build Continued Awareness Among School Leaders

Customer Success Story: Renaissance

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Customer Success Story: The Allstate Foundation and MDR Encourage Educators to Empower Their Students to Give Back Through Service

Customer Success Story: The Allstate Foundation

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Customer Success Story: Sanford Health Collaborates with MDR on Year-Round Youth Health Activation

Customer Success Story: Sanford Health

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If you want to see your new product adopted in classrooms everywhere or you want to influence the next generation of kids, connecting with MDR could help you get there. See all the ways we can help you engage with your audience.

WeAreTeachers Media Kit

View the Catalog

MDR K-12 education data catalog for 2022-2023 school year.

K-12 Education Data

Snapshot of the U.S. K-12 Education Market

K-12 Education Market: The Big Picture 2021


Get the biggest bang from your content marketing with this handy checklist.

Content Marketing Checklist – Repurposing Content

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Use this handy checklist for creating successful content with educator audiences.

Best Practices in Content Marketing

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Handy checklist with key takeaways from our Digital Trends in the Education Market Report you can apply to your web advertising strategies

Best Practices in Web Advertising

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Research Reports

Learn what these educators told us about what they value most.

Free Report: What Gen Z Educators Care About

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Get a look at these 23 best practices to add to your marketing strategy today.

Free Report: 23 Best Practices for Education Marketing in 2023

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Get a look at school investment strategies and the intricacies of the education purchasing process.

Free Report: School Purchasing Perspectives: The View from Leaders & Teachers, 2022

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Webinars & Videos

Our expert panel discussed the ways that the COVID-19 crisis changed our approach to education in this country and explored new strategies for ensuring that the playing field is level for all students.

Webinar: Ensuring Educational Equity for the 2020-2021 School Year and Beyond

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In this webinar, we share insights about our Data-Driven Digital Marketing Trends in Education findings.

Webinar: Data-Driven Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends in Education

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Gain insights about the CARES Act and how you can help schools, districts, and higher ed institutions maximize this funding.

Webinar: CARES Act Funding: What You Need to Know

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