Get to know your customers

Customer Name Matching 

Match your customer data to the MDR database to get an accurate, detailed view of your customers. The match process allows us to identify prospects, improve market segmentation, and enhance your customer file with all the data MDR has to offer. There is no up-front commitment to see the results of the match, so give it a try and see how we can enhance, clean, and update your customer file. 

Customer Profiles

Pinpoint your best-prospecting opportunities by combining customer information with MDR’s demographically rich data. MDR’s eCPR Profile is a powerful interactive marketing tool designed to help you make better marketing and mailing decisions based on historical information about your customers and prospects. When you compare your customer data with the demographic information in MDR’s universe of education institutions, the eCPR Profile can help you: 

  • Find patterns within your customer base so you can then use these patterns to pinpoint future customer and prospect opportunities. 
  • Identify the characteristics that a “buying” school has, these characteristics can then be applied to “non-buying” schools, allowing for more accurate list selections and better segmentation. 

Find new opportunities in your customer database with a free Customer Name Match Quote.

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