Make the data work for you.

Our passion for education data ensures you get a current, complete, and accurate view of the education market.

Education data is unique.

Every school year, 20% of educator contact information will change, and good data maintenance is crucial to keeping up with these changes. Your customer file is the best sales tool you have, so keeping it in perfect running order is essential. MDR offers data hygiene, enhancement, and append processes specifically designed for education data. Combine these services with custom data integrations to make the data work for you.


MDR makes it easy to maintain current and accurate data with regular, automated updates from our database to yours! We keep our data fresh, and you don’t have to manually update your databases.  

Streamline your operations with MDR’s automated data connectors. Our data connectors allow you to get up-to-date education marketing data automatically delivered to your everyday applications including HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Outreach, Snowflake, and more.  

This always-on access to updated data is a sure way to help drive improved results, resource scalability, and better ROI on all your initiatives. 

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Analyzing and matching customer data

Your customer data can help identify characteristics of your best-performing customers and expand your market reach. Analysis and Modeling is your pathway to: 

  • Discover high-potential prospects who look like your best customers 
  • Mine the wealth of information in your own customer data 
  • Build informed business plans 
  • Find out what market forces are driving your business 

Your best-performing customers and prospects have characteristics in common. Uncover these patterns using MDR’s comprehensive, easy-to-use analytics and modeling. 

Data Hygiene

A well-tuned file will increase your response rates, improve performance, and save you money. Consolidate and clean your current database while adding MDR’s best-in-class contact information. We will remove inaccurate and outdated information and replace it with new and accurate data.

Clean your customer files to: 

  • Get rid of inaccurate and outdated information 
  • Save money 
  • Increase sales efficiency 
  • Improve delivery rates, response rates, and ROI 
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