Educator Perspectives on the State of the Teaching Profession

Understand How Teachers Feel Now

One of the first rules of marketing is “know your audience.” This year in particular, any brand or organization engaging with educators needs to understand their strong feelings about the profession after two hard years. Enter: our guide on educator perspectives.

Flat lays of educator perspectives report

Through probing questions and direct quotes from teachers, this report can give you insights into teacher sentiment you won’t get anywhere else. Our first three findings:

  • Teachers are highly divided on job satisfaction
  • 30% of teachers don’t see themselves in education five years from now
  • Only 10% of teachers would strongly recommend the profession to a young person

Download the educator perspectives report to get the full list. For each finding, we explore the reasons behind the results and take you inside the numbers by key demographics. You won’t want to plan your next campaign without this report!

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