School Purchasing Perspectives: The View from Leaders & Teachers

Are schools closer to the 1:1 student to device ratio? Are cleaning supplies still a top spending priority? Who makes the decision on curriculum purchases? Is it teachers, school leaders or both? Time to dig in to school purchasing.

Flat lays from school purchasing perspectives report

With all the recent changes in how education is delivered, what—if anything— has changed in school purchasing? This report can give you insights you won’t get anywhere else. Our first three findings:

  • Teachers have a role in most classroom purchases and half of school purchases.
  • 83% of teachers expect to spend the same amount or more out of pocket as last year.
  • 68% of teachers often or always seek discounts.

Download the report to get the full list. For each finding, we explore the reasons behind the results and take you inside the numbers by key demographics. You won’t want to plan your next campaign without this school purchasing perspectives report!

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